Latest Projects

Nikstock Logo

Web Site and Logo Design for the Nikstock Festival held in Owego, New York.

Shock Rock Tee Shirt

Tee-Shirt for the School Of Rock in Fort Washington, PA. for Shock Rock Night

Steel Fox Photography Web Page

Web Site and Logo Design for Steel Fox Studios Photography


Jakeass Productions was started in Philadelphia in 2000, by three friends and band mates. The Jakeass name was originally used to brand the booking agency used by the band. The name Jakeass Productions came about because of the half-assed way that the band mates would handle things. The name came from a joke that went something like, "Why do it right, when you can do it Jakeass?". The name Jakeass Productions was soon being used by the three members for other projects that they would involve themselves in; flyer design, band bookings, video projects, and web design.

After the band's demise in 2004, the three friends moved to different sides of the continent. It looked like Jakeass Productions was finished until one of the original jakeasses, Vince Bastian, started getting back into the music scene, playing music and designing flyers for friends. He started using the Jakeass name for his projects. Shortly thereafter, things changed again, and the name was retired.


After moving to the Las Vegas area and with some encouragement from his wife, Vince headed off to college to study graphic arts and web design at the College of Southern Nevada where he obtained his degree in Graphic Technology and Web Design in December 2010. When it came time for him to pick a name for his future design firm, the name Jakeass Productions was once again dusted off. With the blessings of the two other founders, Jakeass Productions Graphic and Web Design and its companion site,, was born.

The Future

It is my hope that with my experience and desire, I will be able to bring you and your company up-to-date, informative, visually pleasing and easily navigated web sites that serve all of your needs. If for some reason I can't do it right the first time, I might get it right the second time! That is, after all, the Jakeass way of doing things.